Benefits of Dual Screens

With a growing number of companies directing their employees to work from home, work productivity will be impacted if they don't have the necessary resources to support their working lifestyle. 

At work, many employees have the luxury of utilizing dual screens provided by their employers to improve their productivity. Have you ever wondered why employers prefer to provide multiple screens for each employee?

Studies have demonstrated multiple benefits associated to the provision of dual screens. Here are a few benefits for using two screens rather than one:

1. Productivity

According to Tech Advisory, studies have shown that dual screens increases productivity by 20-50%. With multiple screens, there is a lesser need to toggle between applications as you'll have different applications open and visible at the same time. Technipages also agrees that having multiple screens is advantageous and even more so for roles that require a lot of multitasking between programmes. 

2. Comparisons

Whether it be for work or leisure, you'll sometimes be comparing two different items and it's difficult to do so with just one screen. Comparisons between multiple items become a lot easier with multiple screens displayed as you won't need to toggle back and forth.

3. Video Conferences

Video conferences are becoming a large part of today's work culture. Having another screen to reference material while participating in a meeting can help discussions run smoother and more efficient. Engagement with your audience will also look more favourable on you as you'll have everything in front of you on one screen without the need to switch between views.

4. Maintaining Accessibility

If your job requires you to be accessible, then having multiple screens will be better suited for you. You may want to have your email/Zoom/Skype open at all times on a second browser to ensure that you don't miss any urgent emails/calls from important clients.


Studies have a general consensus that a dual screen setup helps boost productivity. If many companies out there have implemented a dual screen setup, it speaks volume about the productivity and the necessity it provides to a better working lifestyle.

It's also extremely easy and inexpensive to set up your own dual screen. You can nowadays easily purchase a second screen or alternatively use your tablet or phone as your screen screen.


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